Oman – A Paradise in the Arabian Peninsula

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With its long history and rich culture, Oman, officially known as the Sultanate of Oman is located at the tip of the Gulf Of Oman just across Iran and off the shores of India.  Spread over a vast area Oman is home to a number of historical forts and palaces along with a beautiful flora-fauna and natural beauty.

The capital Muscat is a shy city located on the Gulf of Oman with proximity to the Strait of Hormuz.  There are a lot more things to be done in Muscat.  Muscat international is the only international airport in the country which is well connected throughout the world.

Places to visit in and around Muscat

Dolphin Viewing

Dolphin’s !!

Muscat has some of the most pristine beaches located on its coasts.  Early morning drive out to the Marina Bandar located just off the most popular hotel in Muscat – Al Bustan Palace hotel, From here hire an boat for your family or just book a few seats as per your convenience and you are done, for an beautiful view of the Gulf of Oman and the most beautiful dolphins around.  We suggest you go out early in the morning since it’s the best time to spot this magnificent creature. Along the boat ride you shall see the Portuguese built fort, beautiful cliffs and mountains on the outskirts of Muscat.  For the ones who love snorkeling this is the best place, your boat driver shall take you behind the mountains where in shallow corals and fish are found.  Make sure to negotiate this with the driver at the time you book your sea trip.

The other option is a visit to the beautiful islands of MussandamMussandam is located on the other side of the border and requires to pass through the international border of UAE, do not forget to carry along your passport should you be interested to go to Musandam.  A jetty locally known as a Dhow would take you out towards the Strait of Hormuz.

Sink Hole

Way to Sink Hole.

Recently named as the – HAWAIT NAJIM PARK, Otherwise very famous among the residents as Sink Hole, is just a few Kms from Muscat on the Sur Road and right after a dibab village.  This interesting site was created after a piece of limestone carved in.  The beautiful waters which appear greenish in color are quite cold enough to beat the summer heat.  A picnic spot during the holidays, ensure to bring along your bathing suite, as you are sure to get tempted to swim.  There are change rooms available at the entrance of the park.

Do’s & Don’t for Sink Hole

Whatever, do not just jump into the water, the hole is deep by approx 20 to 40 feet though no official board is posted about the depth.

Make sure u carry enough food and water since there are no shops nearby except a few at the next town / village

Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes / slippers, there is a lot walking to be done to reach the hole up and down

Lastly do not forget to carry your camera in all the excitement!!


Again located on the Muscat Sur highway towards sur, is this beautiful ancient place of Qalhat where you can find an ancient tomb and a underground ancient place, worth a visit for the ancient history lover.

Al Hoota Caves –

One of the most marvelous, fascinating, extraordinary creation of nature, that I can’t put down my words to define the place.   A 4.5 km long lake below the magnificent mountains out of which only approx of 500 mts  which is made open to the public through various means, provides beautiful creations created by dissolution of limestone by acidic water over years and ages, estimated to be over 2 million years old.  Located at the foot hills of the Jebel Shams mountains, the cave has 2 lakes, the smaller one is the northern lake and the other, central lake forming the main part of the cave.

Other activities in and around Muscat –

Jebel Shams and Jebel Akdhar some of the most fascinating mountains in Oman, the temperatures can be a surprise to you during certain seasons which is opposite to the prevailing temperatures in the region.

Turtle Beach:-

Sur, a few hundred kms from Muscat is a beautiful place to watch turtles during the early morning walks and late night walks which are provided by the local resorts.
Nakhal fort / Ostrich  farm Barka are some of the other locations which are within reach from Muscat

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    1. which tank are you talking about, But if you are talking about the “Sink Hole” its is right after the Dibba Village on the Muscat Sur Road.

      Hope this is upto your requirement.
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