A Royal Venue for your Festive Celebrations | Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur



A breath-taking palace, set amidst a lake, is a unique and memorable venue for your next celebration.


A minimum of 2-night’s stay, starting at INR 48,200 for single occupancy and

INR 49,615 for double occupancy for stays between 2nd and 11th November 2018.

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Monsoon Package, Udaipur

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Padhaaro Mhaare Des…

…or ‘welcome to our city’ exemplifies the spirit of Jodhpur — a canvas of Rajasthani culture

Ever thought the colour used by locals to paint their homes — in a bid to ward off insects —would become synonymous with the city? In the past, Jodhpur suffered from a major termite problem —so the residents started adding copper sulphate to their whitewashes, which lent the city its pristine blue-indigo hue. The Blue City is really blue!

Modem Jodhpur stretches well beyond the city walls, but it’s within the walled city that you find the Rajasthan of your imagination – the hustle-bustle, the colours, and the larger-than-life Mehrangarh Fort At the base of the mighty fort is a jumble of blue cubes that stretches out to the 10 km-long, 16th-century city wall. Inside are vibrant, entangled and bustling medieval streets — all of which never seem to lead where you want them to… The shops sell everything from vintage home decor items and temple decorations to colourful clothes and accessories. The colourful rickshaws here are super slim since they have to squeeze through the narrow streets. They make for a great travel option.


The colossal and grand Mehrangarh Fort, which rises 400 sq ft above the city, looks nothing less than a page out of a fairy tale. The imprint of Jodhpur’s erstwhile royal family, built by Maharaja Jaswant Singh in the 17th century, it is the defining feature of this otherwise low-rise landscape. If you aren’t visiting Jodhpur in winter, make sure you reach the fort early to skip the midday sun. You don’t need a ticket to enter the fort; only the muse um section requires one. Packed with history, Mehran- garh Fort houses one of the best- kept collections of regal parapherna lia in the country. What you see is a mag nificent collection of silver elephant how dahs, gilded palanquins, carved ivory, weapons inlaid with gold and jewels, rare pieces of textile, and some of the world’s finest miniature paintings. You’ll be amazed to see elaborate cradles of infant princes and the extensive zenana (where maharanis lived) with dainty filigree win dows. Make sure to hire a guide to take you through the palatial labyrinth, great hall ways and long corridors and hear fascinating stories about the heroism of the leg endary Rajput warriors of Marwar. You can also consider spending the afternoon in its small cafe, sipping chilled beer or wine, lounge under shady trees reading a book or simply enjoy the spectacular views of the city. There are some curio shops too; you can take back valuable merchandise like a Jodhpuri earring or a maharaja pen as memento. For adventur seekers, there’s the flying fox zip- 1 line tour, which runs below the fort.

jashwath thada jodhpur

When in Jodhpur, a visit to Umaid Bhavan is a must. If your budget doesn’t permit you to stay there, go for dinner or drinks at its scenic restuarant where the verandah of fers a lavish view of the palace gardens. Indulge in some Rajasthani delicacies (ker sangri and laal maas) generously spread on silver platters. Visitors aren’t admitted dur ing all seasons, so call in advance to make a reservation. Again, casual visitors are not allowed inside the palace as the current royal bearer Gaj Singh II still lives in the premises. But you can certainly visit the museum by paying a nominal entry free. Pictures of artistic palace interiors, a collection of antique clocks and the maharaja’s vintage cars are eye-catching.


You’ll find steps leading to the marketplace all around the Ghanta Ghar. The area somehow creates an aura that is hard to resist. Though loud, dusty and a tad dirty, the bylanes sell wares, spices, metal bangles, Jodhpun jootis, Rajasthani turbans, and loads of mithais and snacky items you can munch on during a shopping spree. The city is popularly known for its antique fur niture emporiums. There are a few near Ghanta Ghar too. If you love investing in retro, unique home decor pieces and fur nishings in Indian prints, it’s impossible to leave empty-handed. From coloured-glass lanterns and vintage posters to jaali-work wooden frames and quirky painted metal trunks, you’ll find them all. As a souvenhi you can pick a signature Jodhpuri re versible block-print quilt that is known to have a cooling effect in summer and acts as an insulator against the cold in the harsh winter cold.

village market jodhpur.jpg

Village market, Jodhpur


Lose yourself to the sacred sounds and dance performances by the best artiste line-up from across the globe at Mehrangarh Fort that is lit by the sparkling incandescence of a thousand candles.

World Sacred Spirit Festival (Feb 26-27, 2016); Flamenco & Gypsy Festival (Mar 18-20, 2016)


Your trip would be incomplete if you leave Jodhpur without biting into the fiery mirchi vadas (king-size green chili stuffed with spicy potato filling, dipped in gram flour batter and fried), kachoris and makhaniya lass!. The busy area around the Clock Tower market has a number of street stalls offering freshly-fried versions of the eatables. Try Janta Sweet Home at Na! Sarak, a favourite among the locals.


Sheraton Udaipur Palace Resort & Spa – Winter Package

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Wildlife Package

Wildlife Package

An undeniable photography heaven “Rajasthan”

An undeniable photography heaven, stepped in royal history, Rajasthan showcases colorful locals rivaled only by their attire, grand palaces, havelis, celebrations and a landscape as barren and harsh as it is beautiful. Jaisalmer’s canvas of sand is dotted with camels, the floating Lake Palace of Udaipur, forts in Jodhpur and Jaipur with sentries standing guard in traditional attire and the Pushkar fair all offer rich pickings for your camera. The hazy morning and twilight light lends itself to surreal images, but then this holds true for most of Rajasthan.
Good time to visit: Late October – February

Grand Palaces

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Gajner Palace, Bikaner, Rajasthan

City Palace, Jaipur

Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur

City Palace Complex, Udaipur

NaharGarh Fort, Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Ranthambore Fort


Bundi Fort, Rajasthan






Fresco Paintings, Mandawa, Rajasthan

Fresco Paintings, Mandawa, Rajasthan

Haveli with Fresco Paintings, Mandawa, Rajasthan

Fresco Paintings, Mandawa, Rajasthan

Haveli in Mandawa, Rajasthan



Puppetteer showing off his skills at Khimsar Fort, Rajasthan

Miniature Painting at Bundi School of Painting

Miniature Painting at Bundi School of Painting

Lord Shiva sitting on Nandi with Parvati and son Ganesha Opposite Godess Annapurna on Elephnat giving grain to lord Shiva at Bundi School of Painting

Wall Painting in Mandawa

Colorful people & Celebrations


Traditional Welcome at Desert Resort, Rajasthan

Women in Gaiety at City Palace Complex, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Colorful Village market of Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Selling Trinkets at Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Marriage Procession

Off to temple

Musician at Jaisalmer Fort, Rajasthan

Colorful Elephnat’s during Great India Travel Bazaar, Jaipur


Beautiful Arid Land



Dwelling’s of Shepherds along Thar Desert, Rajasthan


Sunset at Pushar, Rajasthan

Dwelling’s of Shepherds along Thar Desert, Rajasthan

View of Gajner Palace, Bikaner from Wildlife Sanctuary


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