Labuan- “Jewel Of Borneo”, Malaysia


The Island of Labuan, off the coast of Sabah, is world famous as a place where ‘business and leisure meet’. An international offshore financial centre and Malaysia’s only deep-water anchorage, Labuan is also a tourist favorite for its water sport activities, tranquil beaches and laid-back Island life. Diving, Yachting and Golfing can also be enjoyed here. Bandar Labuan, formerly known as Victoria, is the major town and port.

Must See

Batu Manikar Beach

This breathe-taking long stretch of beach fringed by casuarinas and coconut trees is where you can marvel at the most fabulous sunsets. Fresh air, fantastic views and shady nooks are in store for you here.

Labuan Bird Park
This tranquil park has a beautifully landscaped garden and enthralling nature paths. Here you will see many species of Birds that are usually spotted deep in the forests of Borneo.

Mystery Chimney
An artifact from Labuan’s coal mining area (1847-1912). This 106-feet-high red brick stack is a mystery. Some say it is part of an unfinished mansion: others say it was a lighthouse or a bell tower. Discover its history at the Chimney Information Centre.

Layang Layang
Off the mystical island of Borneo lies this little gem, also known as ‘The Jewels of the Borneo Banks’. Layang Layang, a coral-blessed deep sea atoll, Is a kaleidoscopic underwater world. Dive down to marvel at the spectacular scenery of the 13 coral reefs formed here.

Must Do

Labuan International Sea sports Complex
This world class 5.91 acre Complex is located at the waterfront area along Jalan Tanjung Purun. It comprises three prominent structures connected to a main viewing plaza: the Sea Sports Centre for major sea sports activities, the Museum of Marine Biology, and the Main Plaza that serves as centre stage for all types of sea sports events. The Complex also has many eateries and souvenir stalls.

Wreck Diving
It is one of the main attractions in Labuan, and there are four main wrecks that you can visit. To date back to World War II, while the others are recent vessels.

Must Experience

Labuan Marine Park
Located 2 km. off the southern part of Labuan Main Island, this wild and beautiful park encompasses I 0 sq. km. of clear waters and three secluded islets. Come here to enjoy long sandy beaches, reef atolls, jungle tracks and quiet tidal pools, and catch a glimpse of rare butterflies and birds. Go snorkeling or scuba diving to see some fascinating marine life.

Kampung Air Patau Patau 2
Discover the unique experience of living in a charming water village in a traditional stilted wooden house, surrounded by water. Savoir the local delicacies, indulge in fishing, play games with the villagers and watch mesmerizing dance performance.

Heritage Places

Ba San Miao Temple
Also known as the Eight Deity Chinese Temple, or the ‘Heaven and Earth Temple’ this Taoist temple was built by the Hokkien community. The centre hall is divided in two — all the deities stand proudly in the Heaven’ hall, while a dark passage leads to the ‘Hell’ hall, with images of sinners in torture chambers.

Gurudwara Sahib
The earlier Gurudwara Sahib was demolished to make way for a new building, officially opened in April 2000. The new double storey brick building has a tiled roof, a large dome and two smaller domes on the left. The Darbar Sahib is on the first floor.

Surrender Point
Just adjacent to the famous Peace Park is another significant historical site – Surrender Point. Here, the 32nd Japanese Southern Army surrendered to the 9th Division Australian Imperial Forces on 9th September 1945.

War Memorial
Along Jalan Tanjung Batu lie 3,908 soldiers in perfectly squared platoons, in this memorial ground. They came from different countries — Australia, Great Britain, India, New Zealand and Malaysia. Each grave is marked with a white headstone, and the Cross of Sacrifice stands in the centre.


Coconut Pudding
Unique to Labuan and not found anywhere else, this delicious pudding is made from steamed coconut water and jelly.


Sweetened steamed rice is wrapped in coconut leaves and eaten with peanut sauce.


A bite size delight made of rice flour with jelly filling; this cone shaped desert is served wrapped in banana leaves.

This green, jelly like desert is made of rice flour, sugar and coconut milk and is sometimes flavored with durian or yam.


Labuan Town Center

Labuan is a duty free shopper’s paradise. Stop over at the numerous duty free shops over here, which offers an exciting range of chocolates, pearls, textiles, liquor and much more.

Bazaar Labuan
Pick up some exquisite pearl and crystal jewellery here- from brooches to bracelets, pendants, earrings and Baju Melayu buttons.

Labuan Weekend Jamu

Every Saturday and Sunday, the streets of Jalan OKK Awang Besar are filled with an array of stalls. Avail of great deals on Handicrafts, fashion wear, accessories, agriculture products and more.

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