#Poland – #JourneythroughJewishHistory

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▪ If you are foodie and you travel for food, you’ll be happy to visit Poland.
▪ #Krakow is the charming and the perfect weekend destination city in #Europe . The city is so beautiful with old buildings and quarters.
▪ #BialowiezaForest, the last remaining #primevalforest, and home to 500-year old oak tree.
▪ #GDANSK, rich in history, close to the sea, nice restaurants and beautiful old buildings.
▪ #Warsaw, #CapitalofPoland , is a beautiful and modern city with lots of charming and cool places to see. The Palace of Culture and Science is especially beautiful and also the tallest building in the Country.
▪ #WieliczkaSaltMine is one of the oldest salt mines in the World and definitely one of the coolest ones.
▪ #KamienczykWaterfall, beautiful waterfall in the Southwestern part of the Country.
▪ Forests and nature cover a big area of the Country.
▪ #Karpacz, lovely ski resort in the #KarkonoszeMountains of Southwestern Poland.


Excited to Explore Poland- beautiful and awe-inspiring Country?

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