Indian & Vegetarian Restaurants in Iceland

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#Reykjavík City :

Hverfisgata 56. Located in Reykjavík city center. Tel: (+ 354) 552 1630
Description: An upscale Indian restaurant that offers good food and service. Highly recommended for our clients.

Hraðlestin (The Indian Express).
Located on Lækjargata 8. Hverfisgata 64 and Hlíðarsmári 8 (Kópavogur). Tel: (+ 354) 578 3838
Description: The Indian Express is a high-quality Indian restaurants chain in Reykjavík with a charming and relaxed Bollywood décor. Some of the most popular dishes are the Western/Indian combinations of gunpowder masala, sweet potato fries and chicken tikka pizzas.

Located on Austurstræti 4 (Reykjavík city centre). Tel: (+ 354) 551 0292
Description: Pakistani and Northern Indian cuisine that only uses fresh ingredients and homemade spices. Open for lunch, dinner and catering.

Pósthússtræti 17 (in the city centre). Tel: (+354) 511 1691
Description: Indian restaurant in the city centre, focusing on South-Indian food from the Kerala area.

Álfheimum 74 (104 Reykjavík). Dalvegi 4 (201 Kópavogur). Bæjarhrauni 16 (220 Hafnafjörður). Tel : (+354) 578 7874
Description: A popular restaurant or take away that serves healthy, fresh and exotic food. The menu is mostly based on Indian and Persian cuisine with a mix of French, Italian and Icelandic cooking. (only in icelandic)

Bombay Bazaar.
Located in Hamraborg 3 (Kópavogur). Tel: (+354) 519 2525.
Description: Indian restaurant that offers ingredients from Mumbai (Bombay).

#VegetarianRestaurants in Reykjavik:

All restaurants in Iceland offers vegetarian courses. Here below is a list of restaurants that specialises in vegetarian dishes.

Laugavegur 20B, located on Reykjavík´s main shopping street in Reykjavík and on Engjateig 19 (105 Reykjavík), Strandgata 34 (220 Hafnafjörður). Tel: (+354) 552 8410
Description: The best vegetarian restaurant in town that takes pride in using fresh ingredients and buying as much possible from Icelandic farmers. Located on second floor, walk in from the side street. Gló offers vegan, chicken, gluten free and raw food. Gló also offers coffee, tea and desert.

Kryddlegin Hjörtu.
Hverfisgata 33. Tel: (+345) 588 8818
Description: Organic food, soup and salad bar. Bio restaurant,bar and café.

Höfðatorgi. Tel: (+354) 414 3060.
Description: Happ focuses on delivering healthy and organic food. They offer a broad selection of vegetarian dishes with fresh ingredients.

Lifandi Markaður
Borgartún 24. Located close to the Grand Hotel (around 5 minute walk). Tel: (+354) 585 8700
Description: Organic food store, yoga center and restaurant with a wide range of health foods, salad bar, supplements and pr-prepared dishes to eat in relaxing surroundings or take away.

Located on Suðurlandsbraut 12 (close to Hotel Reykjavík Nordica,108 Reykjavík). Tel: (+354) 557 5880
Description: Organic food store that also serves vegetarian food. (only in icelandic)

Ecstay´s Heart Garden – Garðurinn.
Located on Klpparstígur 37, in the city centre. Tel: (+ 354) 561 2345.
Description: Very small and cosy vegetarian restaurant. The staff all study meditation with noted teacher Sri Chinmoy.

Bergson Mathús
Bergson mathús serves healthy and delicious food, food for the soul. Serves breakfast, lunch and early dinner, as well as excellent coffe and cakes. Bergson mathús is located close to the city hall, the parliament, and Tjörnin lake.
Address: Templarasund 3, city centre. Tel: (+354) 571 1822

Café Flora
Housed in a pretty greenhouse and offers lights meals made from locally grown organic vegetables and herbs.
Located in Botanical Gardens, 104 Reykjavik, tel: (+354) 553 8872

#Akureyri (North of Iceland)

Café Ilmur.
Located in Akureyri, Hafnarstræti 107b. Tel: (+345 571 6444).
Description: A restaurant and café with healthy vegetarian dishes. Table service.
Opening hours: Every day from 8-23.

Indian Curry Hut.
Located in Akureyri.. Tel : (+354) 461 4242
Description: A Take away place with good food at a reasonable price. The Vindaloo chicken is very good.

Silva Restaurant.
Located outside of the Akureyri area. Farm: Sydra-Laugaland Efra. Tel: (+354) 851 1360
Description: Raw food dishes and vegetarian dishes.

Visit Akureyri – Food & Drinks

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