Healthy Holidays


Whether you want to fire up your fitness, maximise your health or simply feel better, a break at one of these destinations will help you meet your goals this year.

koh samuiSleep Better in Koh Samui: A good forty winks can make the world of difference to your well—being and the seven-night Sleep Enhancement Programme at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary on the stunning island of Koh Samui in Thailand is an insomniac’s idyll. While the can’t believe-your-eyes coastline and signature Thai hospitality will do wonders to help you unwind on their own, the intensive programme summons a squadron of soporific soothing methods to address your slumber issues, aiming to help you re-establish good sleep health for the long term. Following a full-body analysis, you get a combination of tailor-made treatments and therapies such as acupuncture, ayurvedic massage, personal meditation, herbal remedies and shirodhara.

detox in turkeyDetox in Turkey: Give a healthy new meaning to the term Turkish Delight with a seven-night detox programme at the Gardens of Babylon Wellness Resort in Bodrum,Turkey, which promises to give you smoother skin, a slimmer silhouette, a healthier body and a happier outlook. Surrounded by fragrant tangerine orchards and shady olive groves in its location on the ruggedly beautiful Aegean coastline, you’ll get a personalised plan combining yoga, Pilates, massage and colonic treatments, alongside sessions in the sauna, hammam and thalasso pool, while the menu includes Detox soups, juices, superfoods and supplements. There are also various slimming programmes.



stop smoking in alacanteStop smoking in Alicante: Every smoker knows they should quit, but hanging up the nicotine habit is much easier said than done. Sweeten the deal and improve your chances of sticking to a new smoke-free you by booking a place at the seven-day Stop Smoking Programme at the award-winning luxury SHA Wellness Clinic in the Valencia region of Spain. This mountainside medical hotel boasts glorious views  of the glittering Mediterranean and  provides a personalised package of  treatments and techniques — from  macrobiotics, meditation and  hypnotherapy to acupuncture, oxygen  therapy and advanced relaxation techniques — to help you quit for good. You also get a personalised post-treatment health plan.


de-stress in omanDe-stress in Oman: If being too highly strung is your bugbear, you will want a getaway that’s still relatively dose to home to help you relax, so you can feel a million miles away from your worries without the counterproductive stress of a long-distance flight. Set in its own secluded bay – think majestic mountains and sparkling zaches — Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman offers a three-, five- or seven-day Sense of de-stress programme, to calm your qualms and recharge your batteries. In addition to the spectacular, soul-nourishing scenery, there’s massage, reiki, Indian head massage, foot acupressure, private meditation, as well as power yoga, sunrise stretching and even boot-camp training for those who need to get hot under the collar before they can chill out. The resort also offers functional fitness, detox and slow life programmes.

heal yourself in peruHeal yourself in Peru: Are you sick of the rat race? Do you feel you have lost your way? A two- or three-week stay at Ayahuasca Healing Retreat in the Amazon rainforests of Peru could set you on the right path. In a remote jungle, you receive treatments from authentic indigenous healers, such as a Peruvian shaman, as well as treatments including massage, vapour baths and plant-based therapies, which they say will both assist in healing your illnesses and help you understand your purpose in life.







lose weight in portugalLose weight in Portugal: Few of us would pass up the opportunity to blitz the blubber if it wasn’t too painful, and one sure-fire way to soften the blow of a fat-fighting plan is by placing it against the dazzling azure backdrop of the Portuguese Algarve. Nestled among lush green mountains, Longevity Wellness Resort offers a seven-night structured weight-management programme to help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. You get a personalised schedule of wellness workshops (with the focus on treatments such as oxygen therapy, detox baths, massage, skin brushing) and activities (yoga, boxing, nature hiking) alongside a meal plan and gym sessions. There are also program for stress reduction available.

change your life path in spainChange your life path in Spain: Bored of your job? Stuck in a negative relationship? Dissatisfied with life but don’t know why? A life coaching holiday could be the answer, kick-starting confident change in your life. The Big Stretch one-week mountain retreat in Spain uses creative problem-solving, lateral thinking and brainstorming exercises, alongside role-play and classic life-coaching tools, to take you out of your comfort zone and help you rediscover what you feel passionate about. Expect to stretch both body and mind; to meet intelligent, self-aware people; to see spectacular scenery; to dine on local deli-style picnics in the mountains; and to participate in lots of workshops and walking.



de-age in keralaDe-age in Kerala: What better way to turn back the clock — both literally and metaphorically — than in a former Maharaja’s palace in the historic foothills of Kerala? The grand Kalari Kovilakom’s 28-day Anti-Ageing Programme is based on Ayurveda, aiming to keep you disease free by arresting the degeneration of the body cells and increasing your immunity. The tailor-made package includes cleansing treatments for detoxing (think medicated ghee to absorb your toxins), followed by rejuvenation treatments — massages, daily yoga, medicine and a nourishing diet.











Courtesy by G.N

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