Travel Thrill in the Chill

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High on Heli – Skiing

Get over your latent acrophobia this winter. Have a go at Heliskiing. This adventurous winter sport is all about navigating thick snow and getting over your hear of heights. The helicopter leave you at the top of a snow – capped peak and, from there, you have to crisscross you way downward. The sport brings out the thrill – seeking explorer in you, as you have to ski through un known routes and ridges. Some of the best locations to enjoy this winter activity are : Gulmarg in Kashmir and Hanuman Tibba, Deo Tibba, Rohtang Pass and Chandrakhani Pass near Manali. Gulmarg has the most ideal type of snow for heli-skiing – the fluffy powder or granular snow which is also known as re-crystallized sugar snow. But remember to gather as much knowledge as possible converning avalanches, alternate routes and safety since the terrain is a steep and tough one.

Snow leopard trail

snow leopard ladakh

Tiger safaris suddenly seem last season with adventure travelers booking mountains safaris to chase the endangered show leopard! They don’t mind the cold, nforgiving terrain of Spiti and Ladakh for that one fleeting sight of the ‘mountain ghost’. The best site to spot the cat is Hemis National Park in Eastern Ladakh. You can also spot rare species like blue sheep, argali ( a large horned sheep ), numerous mountain and migratory birds, as well as an occasional Tibetan wolf. Chances of snow leopard sighting are stronger in winter since they descend to lower elevations in search of fodd. If lucky, you can actually see one preched high on the races or balanced on a vertical ridge. We can offer snow Leopard trails combined with the home stay experience. You will be accompanied by a snow leopard expert, a cook, porters and mules to help carry camping equipment on you week – long expedition.

Romantic interlude

Misty views, fragrant tea plantations and an overall dreamy spell in the air – Kurseong is perfect love nest in winter with its small town, non-commercial vibe. Kickstart the journey on a romantic note by taking the toy train or The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, from Darjeeling, to reach this old – world hill station. Check into a nice – bed and breakfast place attached to various tea plantations, like Castleton, Makaibari, Ambotia or Goomtee etc, to enjoy an endless supply of home grown teas. Makabari Tea Eastate also offers visitors an insight into its history, the art of tea processing and a tea garden trek.

Camp in cool dunes

jaisalmer desert fest.

A balmy winter retreat in Rajasthan is ideal for those looking for a moderate cool weather. Flanked by the Thar Desert in the west, Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) bears a dry and hot countenance round the year, except in winter months when it wakes up from its long summer hibernation to celebrate the night chill. The city fills up with color and music with gypsy dancers and sarangi musicians entertaining under a star – lit sky. You could snooze on mattresses under the open sky next to a bonfire or snug up in a cozy Swiss tent for the night. To make it more fin, find out if there are any astronomy trips happening around that time for some star – gazing.

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