Hidden Gems of India – Bhamour (Chamba, Himachal Pradesh)

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65 kms from Chamba is the land of legendary Gaddies, i.e. Bharmaur. Known as Brahmpur in the 6th century, was the seat of power of Chamba state for some 400 years till AD 920, when a new capital was founded at Chamba by Raja Sahil Varman.bharmour3b Bharmaur is known for some very old archaeological remains, primarily the temples. All these temples stand on a level area which call the Chaurasi after the 84 Siddhas who are believed to have meditated in Bharmaur over 1000 years ago. These Siddhas hailed from Kurukshetra and visited Manimahesh.


manimahesh lake

Bharmour is beautiful town surrounded by high green mountains of Himachal Pradesh. Bharmour is often reffered as the land of Lord Shiva because of belif that lord shiva resides at mountain Kailash which is located in this area. Bharmour is popular for its natural beauty, for Chaurasi temples and Manimahesh. Chaurasi Temples stand on a level area in centre of Bharmour and are named after the 84 Siddhas who are believed to have meditated in here over thousand years ago. Another attraction of Bharmour is the Mani Mahesh Lake. To reach the lake one drives for a hour ahead of Bharmour to the road end at Village Hadsar about, 13 kms away. From there you can trek for 4 hrs to reach the lake. Bharmour is also known for its delicious apples and local blankets.


Situated at an altitude of 7000 feet in the Budhil balley in Himachal Pradesh

Access routes by air:-

The closest airport is at Gaggal (Kangra) near Dharamshala (190 kms).

Access by Road:-

Chamba – 62 kms, Dalhousie – 12kms.

Access by Rail:-

The nearest railway terminal is situated in Chakki Bank Railway station (CHKB) and Panthankot railway station (PTL) which are at distance of 180 kms from Bharmour.

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