Sarus cranes flock to Dantiwada Dam(Banaskantha, Gujarat, India)

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A large number of Sarus crane have flocked to Dantiwada dam site these days much to the delight of bird lovers.

Sarus Pair 003

“I was surprised to see a large numbers of beautiful cranes in the shallow water,” a professor in local R.R. Mehta Science College Dr. Suresh Prajapati said. He added that is was pleasure to see around 70 cranes feeding on fishes.

He said the dam located about 30 km from Palanpur in Banaskantha district (Gujarat, India) is an arid place and these cranes rarely come to such a place.

“In all we counted 73 adult cranes. It indicates that no breeding had taken place here and all had migrated from some other place,” assistant conservator of forests at Banaskantha N.M. Bhatol said. He said, “These birds are placed under a threatened category. It is great to spot them here in the arid land. Millet fields with shallow waters and generation of awareness to some extent has led to these birds arriving here”.

Prajapati pointed that in 2010 he had spotted hardly 10 birds at the site. A bird lover Nirdosh Gupta said Sarus cranes are spotted during pre-monsoon season when the dams having meager water in their shallow bottom are ideal place for picking fishes.

Courtesy:- Times Of India

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