Rare Indian blue Robin spotted in Gir Sanctuary (Gujarat, India)

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It was a pleasant surprise for bird watchers Ashok Mashru and his colleagues on Dhuleti when they spotted the rare Indian blue Robin in Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary (Gujarat, India).

indian robbin

According to Mashru, the bird was earlier recorded by renowned ornithologist Lavkumar Kachar in 1996 at Hingolgadh near Jasdan of Rajkot district when it was going to south Indian in autumn.

“It may be possible that Indian blue Robbin, which we spotted, was going back to North India. The species breed in Himalaya. By all chances, this is only the second time that it has been sighted in Guajrat after 18 years,” Mashru said.

Bird watchers say Indian blue Robbin may be a passage migrant. This specie commonly spends winter in hills of Kerala and Sri Lanka.

Courtesy:- Times of India 

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