20 Things to Do in Ayutthaya

Family & Children Attractions, Religious Attractions

1. Praise the “Maha Ut Chapel”: It has been believed that a visit to a windowless chapel with a single entrance or “Bot Maha Ut” protects us against lethal weapons and magic spells, enables us to avert danger, and makes us invulnerable. This “Maha Ut Chapel” can be seen at Wat Phutthaisawan and Wat Tuek.


2. Worship the Buddha images and contemplate the murals: Wat Suwan Dararam, Wat Pradu Song Tham, Wat Phanun Choeng, Wat Na Pramen, Wat Kasattrathirat, Wat Sena Sanaram, and Wat Choeng Tha are all adorned with valuable murals that await your visit.

3. Worship the reclining Buddha image: In Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, there are Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Wat Lokayasutharam, Wat Sam Wihan, Wat Puttai Sawan, Wat Dharmikkarat, Wat Sena Sanaram, and Wat Phanom Yong. In Maha Rat District, there is Wat Suwannachedi as for Sena District, there is Wat Bang Pla Mo.

4. Worship the royal monuments: Visit the royal monuments of King U-thong, Queen Suriyothai, King Naresuan the Grea (at Thung Phukhao Thong and Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon) and King Taksin the Great at Wat Phichai Songkhram and Wat Phran Nok in Uthai District.

5. Discover the sumptuous palaces and the architectural masterpieces: Such monuments reflect the prodigious talent and craftsmanship of the Ayutthaya Period. Visit Bang Pa-in Palace, Ancient Palace or Grand Palace, and Chandra Kasem Palace.

6. Visit various museums: Get to know the glorious past of the Ayutthaya Kingdom and learn the history through your visit to its several museums such as Chao Sam Phraya National Museum, Chandra Kasem National Museum, Ayutthaya Study Institute, Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, Local Museum in Ban Phraek District, Thai Boat Museum, and Million Toy Museum by Krirk Yoonpun.

7. Explore the history of foreign communities in the Ayutthaya Period: Pay a visit to Portuguese Village, Japanese Village and Dutch Village.


8. Browse through 8 Ayutthaya‘s markets: that are still busy on land as well as in the water such as Wat Tha Ka Rong Floating Market, Hua Raw Market, Thung Khwan Market (Khlong Sa Bua) in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Kong Khong Market in Bang Pa-in District, and Lat Chado Market in Phak Hai District.

9. Have a terrific time discovering local wisdom areas: Admire arts and crafts such as knife-making village at Aranyik in Nakhon Luang District or folk doll-making in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District. Appreciate a diverse range of handicrafts at the Support Arts and Crafts International Centre of Thailand and Bang Sai Royal Folk Arts and Crafts Centre in Bang Sai District.

10. Take a pleasure cruise around Muang Islet: To admire the surrounding scenery and way of life of residents along the Chao Phraya River and Pa Sak River. Moreover, food and drink with plenty of options on the menu are at your disposal on board.

11. Enjoy a ride on elephant’s back to see ancient monuments and get to know Thai Elephants at several places such as Ayutthaya Elephant Village and Kraal and Pang Chang Ayothaya & Snake Show in Phai Ling Sub-district.


12. Enjoy riding a bicycle, which is regarded as environmentally friendly tourism. Bicycles are available for hire at bicycle rental stores, guest houses, in front of the railway station, and tourist police office

13. Join a short trip arranged for tourist groups on a tramcar and listen to guide’s explanation.

14. Go for a ride on Tuk Tuk for sightseeing: A symbolic mode of transport in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya that brings sightseers to discover the length and breadth of the city.

15. Take a leisurely ride in a three-wheel rickshaw “Samlor”: Local public vehicles whose cyclist enjoys telling stories as a member of the community while you appreciate soft breeze.

16. Eat out until dawn at the night market: Visit the market in front of Chandra Kasem Palace, the all-night market in front of Grand Market, Rung Charoen Market, and Bang Suk San Waree Dinner Cruise Ian Market.

17. Experience the delights of a homestay: Assimilate the host’s lifestyle, get a hospitable welcome, and make yourselves at home at OTOP Village in Koh Kerd Sub-district.


18. Reserve chic sleeping accommodation in the style of boutique hotel: The different accommodation are Iudia on the River, Ayodhara Village, Bansuan Rimnam Resort, Pludhaya Resort & Spa, Ban Luang Chumni.

19. Riverside restaurants with splendid views: Tourists can sit down to tasty meals and take pleasure in looking at magnificent scenery at a wide variety of restaurants along the riverside.

20. Bring the shopping back to your family: It seems as if you have never reached Ayutthaya if you fail to get your family the following things: soup made of curdled blood of pig, noodle soup sold in rowing boat, pork or meat noodle soup, Phak Wan noodle soup, steamed stuffed bun, rice gruel, desserts wrapped in banana leaf, big freshwater prawns, fruit and vegetables. Other interesting souvenirs are Aranyik knives, fan palm leaf mobile woven in the form of fish and model ancient boats.

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