Chill out Places around Gujarat, India

Adventure Holidays, Gujarat

Taranga hills, Mehasana, Gujarat, India

Distance: – 130kms

How to get there: – take the Ahmadabad – Mehasana road and turn right on Visnagar road and then drive 20 km from Vadnagar.

About the place: – Taranga is a three peaked hill. The river Rupen flows along the Taranga Hills, Taranga is considered one of the most important Shvetambar Jain temple, one of the five most important Mahatirthas of the Jains.

What to do there: – Apart from visiting the Jain Temples explore the lost fort of Anartpur on Taranga Hills. Here are the recently discovered Tantrik Buddhist caves which are a maze. The main idols enshrined in the Taranmata and Dharanmata temples are of Buddhist goddess Tara.

Champaner – Pavagadh, Gujarat, India

Distance 150kms

How to get there: – take Ahmadabad – Vadodara expressway and take exit towards Vadodara – Halol Highway (state highway -87)

About the place: – there are many Hindu and Jain temples a thousand years old, mosques from the time of the Gujarat Sultanate.

What to do there: – Enjoy the architectural wonder while taking a stroll through the fort, mosques and religious places.

Lothal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Distance 80kms

How to get there: – take the Ahmadabad – Rajkot highway and turn left from Vataman Crossroads.

About the place: – one of the most important remnants of Harrapan town planning. The unique lock gated dockyard is perhaps the greatest in maritime architecture from the ancient world. The site is located on the banks of the river Sabarmati.

What to do there: – a museum outside the historical site is stocked with priceless artifacts.

Modhera Sun temple, Mehsana, Gujarat, India

Distance 96 kms

How to get there: – take Ahmadabad – Mehsana, highway, take road towards Becharji when you reach Mehsana.

About the Place: – the exclusively carved temple complex and the magnificently sculpted kund are jewels in the art of masonry of the Solanki period.

 What to do: – as you enter the historical complex, you first come across a magnificent kund. And a historical adventure begins!

Rani Ki Vav, Patan, Gujarat, India

Distance 126 kms

How to get there: – take Ahmadabad – Mehsana highway and turn onwards left on Patan road.

About the place: – its greatest reminder of the golden period of Gujarat under the Solanki Kings.

What to do there: – the patola sari is one of the finest hand woven saris produced today and is woven in Patan town you could visit some of the families that make them. A patola sari takes 4 to 6 months to make. Apart from Ran ki Vav there are lakes which include historically and archeologically important Sahstralling Sarovar.

 Vadnagar, Gujarat, India

Distance 103 kms

How to get there: – take the Ahmadabad – Mehsana road and turn right on Visnagar Road.

About the Place:- it is an ancient city in Gujarat and its known history goes back to 2,500 BC.

What to do there: – The town is punctuated with waters of Shakti Tirth stream cures one of leprosy. The town was earlier called Chamatkarpur as it was home of the famous rishi Yagyavalkya or “Master of the Vedas”.

Courtesy:- Times Of India 

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