Elephants Rehabilitation centre (ERC) Kappuka

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Elephants have been an integral part of India’s history, tradition, myth and culture. They have been captured, tamed, domesticated and bred in captivity. They have been used in battle, hunting, religious and ceremonial occasions and to manage other elephants. Captive elephants are reverted, kept in temples and passed on as family heirlooms. The giant beasts enjoy a very special place in the minds of the people and cultural life of Kerela. Real-life anecdotes that capture a thousand moods of these whimsical animals too are part of the lore of a multitude of elephant lovers. Despite the rich heritage and experience, the quality of life of the captive elephants has been deteriorating in recent years. Considering the present scenario and the need to take care of them, the Kerala forest department has established an Elephant Rehabilitation Centre(ERC) at Kappukkad, near Kottoor, in Thiruvananthapuram district to provide spacious and near natural habitat. The objective of the centre is to take care of the rescues, sick, aged and baby elephants. ERC also function as a centre for training elephants as well as their managers and mahouts with facilities for research on management and rehabilitation.


The rehabilitation Centre is located 3 kms from Kottoor and 30 kms from Trivandrum City. From Kovalam the access is through Balaramapuram Kattakkada. The site is flanked by waters of Neyyar reservoir and moist deciduous forests and grass lands.


Bathing of elephants in the reserboir is intresting to watch. Visitors can also lend a helping hand to the Mahout in scrubbing the elephant to clean them.


Visitors can experience the thrill of an elephant ride in the centre.


Elephants are fed after bath. Cooked rice and jaggery are made into the shape of balls and fed into their mouth. Visitors are permitted to g near the elephants to witness this lovely scene.


Observing different moods of elephants is very interesting; one can spend hours watching this.


Nature enthusiasts, elephant lovers, nature study tour group etc. can stay in the forests hostels available at the centre. Essential catering facilities are attached to the hostels.


  • Observe total silence and discipline in the centre

  • Do not smoke and consume alcoholic drinks in the centre

  • Do not disturb or tease the elephants

  • Do not harm the eco system of the locality

  • Do not attempt to swim in the reservoir

  • Do not pollute reservoir

  • Do not litter surroundings of the centre

  • Keep the centre a plastic free zone

  • Avoid feeding the elephants

  • Trekkers are advised to use jungle boots and leach proofs socks

  • Avoid perfumes when approaching elephants; it may irritate them

  • Keep a watch on children accompanying you

  • Do not collect plant materials from the locality (it is an offence). Let them grow in its natural environment

  • Respect local culture and heritage

  • Do not attempt to snap photographs of the local folk and fellow visitors

  • Obey the instructions of the guides and officials accompanying the trekkers

  • Carry drinking water and snacks on trekking

Entry fees

India Rs. 10

Foreigner Rs. 100

Elephant Ride

India Rs. 100

Foreigner Rs. 200

2 thoughts on “Elephants Rehabilitation centre (ERC) Kappuka

    1. Here presently having 9 elephants . visitors can avail the facility of elephant ride. One can stay and enjoy the scenic beauty of the forests and the elephant rehabilitation centre from, the cottages constructed near by Neyyar reservoir. The package consists of food, accommodation, trekking , elephant ride etc @ Rs. 2000/ = per head . For foreigners the amount charged is Rs. 3000/-. Per head

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