Workshop on Nalsarovar wetland bio diversity, ecology


ImageEnvironment experts from across the country and state will get together on Tuesday to discuss the ecosystem of Nalsarovar which is among the largest lakes in the state. Every year, over two lakh winged visitors visit this lake situated on the outskirts of the city. A one-day workshop has been organized by the forest department and the Gujarat Ecological Education and Research (GEER), which will focus on landscape and wetland ecology. According to forest department officials, experts and scientists from Bombay Natural History Society, World Wide Fund for Nature-India, Salim All Center for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore and Space Application Centre, Ahmadabad, among others, will take part in the workshop. GEER officials said that Nalsarovar has a well-known eco-system where large number of winter birds congregates. “Over the period of time, many individuals as well as institutes have explored various aspects of Nalsarovar including geology, hydrology, flora and fauna, dynamics of blo-diversity, socio-economic and various other factors affecting the ecology of Nalsarovar,” said GEER (Gujarat Ecological Education and Research) officials. Officials believe that it is necessary to aggregate scientific information to analyze It and incorporate the same for the management of this lake which is an important site for the migratory winged visitors that will be an aim of this workshop, Apart from the scientists and experts, bird watchers from Ahmadabad and all over the state will also be a part of the one-day workshop.

Courtesy:- Times Of India.


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