Former MP joins drive to save flamingos


Former BJP Member of Parliament from Kutch Pushpadan Gadhvi has come forward to save the winged visitors from Siberia from the jaws of death. Over 400 flamingos had died after colliding with high tension cables in the Khadir region in Kutch. Gadhvi is a trustee of a trust working to create awareness on saving birds, animals and even Gauchar land. Gadhvi who visited Khadir region said, “We need to take care of our winged visitors from dying in such large numbers.” The birds had died after they collided with the high tension transmission cables of Gujarat Energy Transmission Company (GETCO). GETCO had begun taking corrective measures after The Times of India reported on the death of scores of these birds along a recently electrified cable line. Gadhvi said after the completion of the Kutch Rann Utsav, which begins on December 9, he will invite expert bird watchers from the area and even the experts from the Bombay Natural History Society to deliberate on the issue of the death of birds after collision with high tension cables. “If the experts give an opinion that laying the cables underground was the best option, I would take the BJP party office bearers into confidence and talk to the minister of state for energy Saurabh Patel on laying cables underground.” He said the forest department team has taken some measures like having cellophane papers and reflectors installed along the high tension wires, which is proving to be effective. Also the department has installed light along the poles. He said that an awareness campaign will be organized to ensure that the birds were not poached or killed. Officials in the forest department said, “With the water receding, the birds are moving away from cables.”


Courtesy:- Times Of India.


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