Population of Rare Birds- Indian Bustards, set to rise

There is some hope for the Great India Bustard, which is believed to be on the verge of extinction. The bird population, which was around 48, is likely to cross 50 mark and record an increase of around 15-20%.

In 1998, only 29 bustards were found in Gujarat and after that there was no sighting. Finally, nearly after eight years, the bird was again sighted in 2005-06 in Abdasa. It was then that a study was taken up by the Gujarat Ecological Education Research, and the findings were heartening. The bird population was spread across Abdasa Taluka. The study reveals that a total of 35 Indian Bustards were counted in the winter population survey. The umber in the post-monsoon period hit 48, of which 21 were females.

Forest officials said an internal survey by department afforded some encouragement. The official’s said that they spotted chicks, which was a sign of healthy breeding in the area. The majestic bird is locally known as Ghorad. The population is likely to be around 55.

Officials said that the sanctuary is just 202 hectares in size, which was not enough. They said hat during the internal survey, more birds were spotted outside in open areas rather than in the sanctuary. The shy bird, resembling the ostrich, is a good flier but prefers to walk in open spaces. The bird even roosts and breeds tin the open.

The official’s census will be conducted in Abdasa and Naila Taluka where the birds have been spotted. “The census will be taken up in the last week of September or first week of October,” said the conservator of Forest D.K. Sharma.

Courtesy:- Times of India.

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